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uPDATED 7/31/13

Concord Hill Icelandics
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 As yet another fall is facing us,  we have made the
difficult decision that it's time to end our adventure
with Icelandic sheep.  To say that it's been an easy
decision would be a lie as we truly love each of our
sheep.  It's always been a huge problem to let any of
our girls go as we've become extremely attached to
them all.  I can say with 100% certainty that, were I to go
back in time and choose a breed of sheep to buy, it
would still be Icelandic sheep.  
Among the reasons we have chosen to finally let our
flock go, I suppose one of the most worrisome f
has  been the t
ruth that my work away from the farm
makes it very hard to devote enough attention to the
sheep.  It is still true that Icelandic sheep don't require
much attention, but there are many nights in the winter
when I'm just getting to the barn to feed way after
dark, and totally exhausted.  This is not something I
enjoy, nor do I think it's fair to the flock.
 It has made it
difficult to spot problems that could have been
avoided/remedied had I been there in the light of day.

Our time spent raising  Icelandic sheep has been one
of many adventures  and wonderful (and not so
wonderful)  learning experiences.  There are plenty of
things I would have done differently if it were possible
to change the past, but there have also been lots of
times when we managed to hit it right and come away
from a c
hallenge with a smile.  
My girls and I were looking over pictures from the past
ten years with our sheep tonight.  The memories they
brought back kept all of us both laughing and crying.  
This is  probably a very good place to add one of our
observations of the night;  for anyone attempting to
sell Icelandic sheep, or any other livestock for that
matter, I'd say that some basic photographic skills
would certainly improve one's website tremendously!  
Unfortunately, we
don't seem to possess that gift
when it comes to catching the sheep in a good
position, with the lighting just right, etc...  They often
looked like something you might see in the background
of a science fiction movie!  Oh, occasionally we would
hit it lucky and get a good shot, but more often than
not, the sheep just looked sort of ...well, for lack of a
better word... strange.  I promise you that our Icelandic
sheep don't usually look like many of our pictures
made them seem.  
The very best of our flock will be going to a new-ish
Icelandic shepherdess from the Maysville, Ky area
named Kelli Phillips at Red Cedar Icelandics.  I'm sure
she will be offering some spectacular ewe lambs and
rams in the coming years and I would highly recommend
that you give her a look if your are in the market for
some great Icelandic sheep.  She can be reached at
606-799-9343 if you'd like to give her a call.
Although we will have some rams for sale in the coming
months and will continue to maintain this website till
they're all sold, the end is in sight for our 'sheep raising
season'.  We've just come to a strange chapter in our
lives where it's best to take a break, so to say, in many
 We have met more wonderful people through the past
years than we would dare to mention, and wouldn't
have missed this for the world!  I would like to thank
each and every person who has been a part of this
journey with us in some small way.   You are each an
important part of our life story.  
I must, however,  thank my special 'sheep friend'
Charlene Barkus from Darnit Chars Icelandic farm
in Kalkaska, MI for the wonderful gift of her
experience and friendship and for Lady Bug and
Elvis...the first registered Icelandic sheep we ever
owned.  Lady Bug will remain on our farm for the rest
of her days.  She's still the queen of the flock!  Thank
you for all the joy and pain you've seen us through,
   For all those who have called for help over the years,
we will still be available if you need to contact us.
   Take care, and may all your lambs come front feet
first on a perfectly sunny day!  Happy 'sheeping' !
God bless you all real good.

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